Oil Pan Assembly

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The Oil Pan Assembly (#12101-WAA01), a key Engine-Fuel part in the Cylinder Block system of Toyota vehicles, plays a vital role in maintaining the smooth and efficient operation of your car's motor. This part is responsible for housing and protecting the car's engine oil, catching it as it drains from the bottom of the engine before it is circulated back up to lubricate the engine's components. However, over time, the Oil Pan Assembly (#12101-WAA01) can wear out, become clogged, or even crack, causing potential leaks. These issues can lead to insufficient lubrication of the engine components, resulting in accelerated wear and potentially serious engine damage. Periodic replacement of the Oil Pan Assembly (#12101-WAA01) with genuine Toyota parts is therefore crucial. Genuine parts not only offer compatibility with your vehicle but are also backed by the Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Replacing this part contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of the engine, helping to keep it running smoothly and safely for longer.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 12101-WAA01

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